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Elísabet Ýr Atladóttir

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Hailing from the cold shores of Iceland, I moved to Denmark in search of wisdom and glory. Or more accurately: had a passion for 3D art and found education and opportunity to learn and grow in the world of CG, games and film by moving to this most wonderfully flat and green country.

I am a 3D artist, graduated from the Animation Workshop in Denmark. I studied CG art extensively and we were required to finish several projects through the years, including 3 film projects in a group of 8 people. In my final year I directed my own film, MEMORIA, which can be found in the Projects gallery here on my website.

I specialize in 3D models, scene set-up and textures, but I am also capable of creating and setting up 3D cameras, making rigs and animation, lighting scenes, 2D art (environments and characters) and editing in programs such as Adobe Premiere. I am experienced in making both high- and low-poly models and all sizes of textures, for either games or film, organic or non-organic. I am very adaptable, and can work in any art style needed. I always make sure to keep organized with my work, to work clean and have everything structured properly according to guidelines, and if guidelines are not present, to keep to the existing structure, so there will be no confusion. Also possess the special skill of always answering e-mails and having 0 unread e-mails in my inbox (through my work I have noticed that this is an unusual talent so I take special pride in it).

I have a passion for both games and film. Currently I work at WILFILM (website) as a Proxy Supervisor, making sure 3D assets work as intended, are good quality and get finished on time, along with making sure tasks get distributed properly to team members in a balanced way.